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Scandinavian tile stencil

Bring something different to your floors by using the Scandinavian Tile stencil. Turn an old wooden floor into life or add this design for modern floors.  Scandinavian design means quality by all means. We design our wall stencils hand in hand with the process of stenciling. It helps to create more functional wall stencils that are better to work with when decorating the whole wall.

You can Download full stenciling instructions in PDF on our website section
How To Stencil

How to stencil an accent wall video:

Stenciling video

S:  12″ or 30.5 cm

M: 16″ or 40.6 cm

L:  18″ or 45.3 cm

Ready to ship in 1-3 days

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  1. Pamela M LeBlanc

    Can this design be made in an 18×18 size

    • Merili

      Yes, sure thing – just leave us a note in checkout which size you need and we will make you a custom size.

  2. Angie

    Hello! My tiles are 11.5″ square, would the 12″ stencil work or would I need a custom size?

  3. Jenny

    So I wanted to cover 4 tiles like in the picture but my tiles are 12 inches and 1/2 inch grout so I’m guessing that I would need a 24.5 inch stencil. Can you do that?

    • Merili

      The 12 inches stencil would be fine, but a custom one would be even better. You can just purchase 12 inch stencil and leave us a note in checkout that you wish this to be 12.5 inches!

  4. Wanda

    I love this design so much. My tiles are 32cms square – are you able to make the stencil this size to fit? I also have two other rooms – one with 30cms square tiles and the third 20cms square. Are you able to malke this stencil in ths three sizes?

    • Merili Sulg

      Hi and thank you for being interested! We will answer you via email 🙂

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