How to stencil a feature wall

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Here we have very important video tutorials about how to stencil a feature wall made by StenCilit Team. All the tools needed, Your main questions answered and important tips are included in the videos!

1. How to stencil a feature wall?


2. How to finish edges and corners?


3. How often should you clean your stencil?


4. How to re-position StenCilit wall STENCILS?


5. How to re-position StenCilit’s BIRCH FOREST wall stencil?


6. Quick TIP on how to re-position your wall stencil!


7. How much PAINT to use while stenciling?


8. How to repair your wall stencil?


9. What are StenCilit stencils made from?


10. How to repair your painting mistakes?


For the Romanian version please check the videos below: –>>