How To Stencil

Video tutorials

English and Romanian

1. Getting Started

Mask off the working area: the edge of the ceiling, baseboard and wall corners.

2. Practice First

Pour out the paint. Do not dunk the roller in the paint before you start the decoration, try it out for example on cardboard.

Roll off the excess paint on a newspaper.
Less paint is more in stencilling.

3. Let's Stencil!

Use painter’s tape or spray adhesive to attach the stencil on the wall.

Work from top to bottom.

4. Ready!

Let it dry and enjoy your work.

5. Cleaning!

Clean the stencil under warm water and use a cleaning detergent for greasy or hard surfaces (e.g. Cif, Krud Kutter).

Practice First Let's Stencil All Done Cleaning
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